TrimPro Unplugged 4 sale

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TrimPro Unplugged 4 sale

Post by LabRat » Wed Dec 18, 2019 6:30 am

I have a trimmer as named above that I'd like to sell or swap. Was $600 new and I got it 2nd hand for $300 from a hydro shop I've dealt with for almost 20 years in Edmonton.

It works great for buds that have been hung to dry before final trimming but I like to do that fresh off the plant then it just glues the sugar leaves to the buds and doesn't make me a happy camper. :(

The 1st owner drilled some 2" holes in the catch pan so it can drain into a 5gal pail but I just made a round cover out of parchment paper to cover them and all is good.

Works killer good with semi-dry bud and makes lots of sugary trim all ready for extraction leaving decent buds all round with good bag appeal. Popcorn buds get shredded nicely to be part of the oil pile with no further processing.

Light-weight aluminum frame should keep shipping price down and I can send COD to any Canadian address.

I'd like $200 for it or for swaps I'd be cool with things like 400W CMH bulbs, 600W MH bulbs, decent seed strains, (hi CBD especially), RO gear, WHY.

It's really barely used and the blade is razor sharp and includes all original tools, spacer and a big sticker you can put on your wall. lol
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